Friday, July 29, 2011

Horse Summer falling through Basement Well Cover On Monday in Colorado

The owner of the house was enjoying morning coffee outside the Garden while Summer(horse) falling into basement from the window well covers. He has no time to get a rope and get the house out of the window well. Luckily no one get hurt from the big horse falling, only the summer get scrapes from glass well covers.
It is amazing how it had happened, when I read the news I was surpreised how that happen. The window well cover need to be good enough to protect strong heavy weight animals from falling. I am sure the frame of the well is not strong enough to resist the 550kg weight Summer. Or the house owner did not use safety egress widow well covers.

It happened when the house summer had stapped on the Plexiglas window well covers and broke through the well because of the heavy weight. They needed to call Emergency department and crews come to safe the horse but they have big problem getting the animal out of the basement. To rescue Summer they needed to dig the window well with machine, make big enough for house to get out.

It tooks more than 17 hours for Rescue teams with more than 10 people to safe summer. The Crews from Elbert Country Sheriffs Office, Rattlesnake Fire Protection District, Elbert Country Road, Bridge Department and Miller Corping Company work all together to safe the animal. Luckily Summer was ok after all.
That is why I will put here installing right quality window well covers is worth to invest for house and building. This kind of accident can be avoid by using the right well covers for the basement in every house. I posted some pic I found together with the article on the web.

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