Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Windows and doors covers test in winter

We are busy enough with our work and our daily life is full of stress so we do not have time to check our window and doors for winter. Sometimes we found out big gas or electricity bill at the end of the year but we did not realize how that happens. There is lots of discussion with owner of the house if all are correct, but we neglect to check our doors and windows before winter arrived.
The best way to solve this problem is by making sure all our doors system working functionally. These processes contain all windows, doors and including basement windows and well cover windows too. It just takes couple of hour to do this and it is easy process.
This is what I do for my home to make sure all functional. First of all I clean all windows and door in my apartment and check if any of my window has air leaking by checking the rubber at the edge of the windows. If I find some breaking in rubber, then I replace it immediately. I also check the whole in the window wells if it is working correct according to standard. If not I find the solution to solve it. This can be costly but it is worthwhile replacing it to save money in future.
Here are a few example of window well covers design that I had change before the winter arrived. That is why I am writing this to let everyone finding the right decision. There are many different design available for basement to keep small animals away.